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Welcome to Chengde!
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Chengde Hotels

The tourism development is rapid, in 1996 received the domestic and foreign tourists 2.2 million people, in recent years also rapidly developing...

Chengde travel guide

The summer vacation mountain village total area is 5.6 square kilometers, the area is equal to two Summer Palace's sum total, is the Chinese extant biggest imperial family botanical garden...

Chengde Introduction

North of the lofty Great Wall area, in luxuriant swallow cluster of mountains, There is beautiful mountain city - Chende...

Food of Chengde

Chende's place food deep pool source and course is long, after Qing Dynasty government establishment summer vacation mountain village in Chende, each place and the palace imperial meals cooking technique flows in Chende one after another...

Chengde Hotels List:
  ♦ Chengde Shenghua Hotel
  ♦ Mountain Villa Hotel Chengde
  ♦ Jin Jiang Wen Guan Hotel
  ♦ Puning Hotel, Chengde
  ♦ Chengde Qianyang Hotel
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