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Welcome to Chengde!
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The amusement in Chengde

Chende's cultural entertainment is richly colorful, the Qing palace dancing to music, light of Puto, the best star big dipper spot dance, the Manchu nationality character and style dance, and the wild wind stronghold nationality dance and so on. Moreover, Kara recreation area and so on OK song and dance room, bowling alley, bath center also has dozens of.

Under introduced some recreation places:

Recreation area name



Chende theater military

Camp avenue


South the Pearl of the Orient seeing and hearing square military

Camp avenue two dwelling places of celestial beings Jin Cui bulilding


Red all practices south the song room

The military camp avenue Pearl of the Orient seeing and hearing square


Peaceful abundant bowling alley

Clocks drumtower plot 5


Chende buddhist hymn sung to flute

In Pu happy road 18 Qianyang


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