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Welcome to Chengde!
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The Chende economy

Agricultural economy by the grain, the herd, the forest fruit primarily, has formed the corn breeding, the time difference vegetable, the potato and so on 12 characteristics industries, in 1996 the whole city grain yield 1.474 million tons, the fruits, the meats respectively amounted to 310,000 ton and 226,000 tons, the total agricultural output value 6.419 billion Yuan, the farmer average per person net income 1,766 Yuan. Whole city forest land area 1.507 million hectares, forest coverage fraction 38.1. The rural enterprise total output value achieved 19.57 billion Yuan, hundred million Yuan villages and towns develop to 45. Above the entire city and county and the township industrial enterprise 1,506, Three Funds Enterprises 71, in 1996 the whole city realized the gross value of industrial output 11.739 billion Yuan. Whole city large and middle scale enterprises 55, have formed the spiral steel, the almond dew, the conveyer and so on one batch of superiority famous brand goods. The city and countryside market prosperity is active, in 1996 whole city society consumable total volume of retail sales 5.159 billion Yuan. In 1996 whole city actual use foreign capital 50.04 million US dollars, exportation bringing in foreign exchange income 86 million US dollars.

Industry: Chende take 22 mainstays enterprises as representative, has formed metallurgy mining, the machine-finishing, the building material, the food processing, the chemical medicine five big props professions industrial system.
The mechanical electronics industry formed one batch to have the certain superiority initially the product, the food industry bases the local resources, also developed one batch of characteristics famous brand goods.
The Chende pharmaceutical industry mainly has the antibiotic bulk drugs, chemistry preparation, the traditional Chinese medicine. Chende's traditional Chinese medicine production scale occupies head of the entire province, has developed the neck duplicate Kang powder, the lumbago rather capsule, the Chinese globeflower tablet and so on the new product.
The Chende tire factory completes has the domestic advanced level the annual production 250,000 tractors entire textile fibers midnight and noon embryo production line, has filled the Chinese domestic blank.

Agriculture: Depends on the resources superiority, Chende has basically formed the seed, Shan Xing, the forest, different season vegetables, the potato, the raised cow, the fruits both fresh and dried, the corn, the edible fungus, the silkworm, the traditional Chinese medicine 12 characteristics leading industry. Chende has the suitable herd pasture 1.21 million hectares, is Hebei Province's animal husbandry production base, the yard, Fengning, Longhua is China's commodity cow base county.
Chende county gather part of China superior fruits both fresh and dried in a body, mainly has the apple, the Chinese chestnut, the large Chinese hawthorn, the walnut, the pear, the apricot and so on. The Kuancheng is rich in the silkworm cocoon, the Jingdong Chinese chestnut; Chengde county to be rich in the apple; Xinglong County is China's Chinese hawthorn base county; Pingquan County's mushroom output Occupies the national first place. Moreover, Fengning, Chende, Longhua and so on counties areas to grow wild apricot, the Chrysanthemum, the auricularia auricula, the bracken, the hazel and so on 400 many kinds of wild plants resources. The yard county has the wild 600 kinds plant, potential uses has the bitter apricot kernel, the bracken, the Chrysanthemum, white mushroom and so on the nearly hundred kinds, in addition also has the Mongolian gazelle, wild dog, dozens of kind of animals and so on deer, wild boar, pheasant.

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