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Welcome to Chengde!
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The Festival celebration of Chengde

>>Chende Lily magnolia yard forest grass metamere On June 29 - at the end of February the next year

Recent year, every period time every year, all will have in the Chende Lily magnolia yard conducts the forest grass metamere, the main goal was advocated the eco-tourism, and demonstrated on the unique forest prairie scenery on the dam to the people. The Lily magnolia yard, once was the our country Qing Dynasty famous imperial family hunts for the park, is place of the Qing emperor autumn outing royal tour, now is our country state-level forest park.
Because here is away from Beijing to be near, also is the natural prairie, has very many people to come to see a famous person with admiration every year. Forest grass metamere period, is precisely in the yard the view most beautiful season, from summer to winter, from carpet of green grass to snow gleams white, from spends the summer rides a horse to the ski hunting, regardless of your which season comes, the prairie all cannot make you be disappointed.

>>The Chende summer vacation mountain village "Kowloon is drunk the cup" dragon boat big game . every June

The once a year dragon boat big game to become the Chende people to pay attention extremely has the Chende characteristic the fixed program. At the same time of the Dragon boat big game, also increased the air gliding performance, the aquatic performance, the water has put on stage make-up the ship, the ashore chromosphere colored flag, celebrates performance and so on percussion instrument, formed the ground, the water surface, the airborne three-dimensional effect, will increase the warm jubilation for the competition the atmosphere.

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