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Welcome to Chengde!
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Food of Chengde

Chende's place food deep pool source and course is long, after Qing Dynasty government establishment summer vacation mountain village in Chende, each place and the palace imperial meals cooking technique flows in Chende one after another, promoted the Chende diet culture prosperity and the development. Adds Chende to be rich in the mountain treasure game, thus causes Chende place food to be characteristic.
The Chende characteristic flavor snack includes: the rush venison meat, fragrant boils the venison string, the shao mai, the crisp cakes biscuits, the eight-treasure rice pudding, two dwelling places of celestial beings bowls lump, 100 families white noodles, the cake agar jelly, the interest on interest, irons the cake, the fried cake box, the You wheat noodle snack, eight ditches sesame seed cake, the ship soup, the fresh flower rose cake, the Nansha cake, the fruit peony tree bark and so on, other place characteristic. The rush venison meat and fragrant boils the venison string flavor to be extremely good, moreover only needs four or five Yuan string, is worth as soon as tasting.
The Chende vegetable is palace courtyard area north of the great wall vegetable representative, what is different with the national capital palace courtyard vegetable, the Chende cooked food mainly by the mountain treasure game primarily, the procedure has dryly boils, fragrant boils and so on. The famous typical local dish includes: The even spring frozen rabbit meat, the black dragon fish, the five spices venison, fry mountain chicken roll, the wild hot pot; Also has a temperature the venison, the wild dog meat, the wild chicken and so on, generally about several dozens Yuan/The bulk lots (the Chende restaurant all divides big small dish, probably is a great foot, small seven inches). The whole city has each kind of restaurant more than 2,000, in which touches on foreign affairs the fixed point 21, domestic fixed-point 12, both has imperial delicacy delicacies and so on the meals, wild and has the economy to be solid.

The introduces of some special features snack:

>>The You noodle
As the close neighbor dam frontier fortress city, the You noodle is Chende one kind of characteristic food. the You noodle belongs to the coarse edible grain, the color micro is black, the locality the You noodlenest is rolls the You noodle to a piece then to coil the volume, on the pot steams ripely, eats time dips the halogen, the entrance sticks slides. the You noodle stuffed dumpling also a flavor, in particular one kind of pickled cabbage stuffing stuffed dumpling, unique flavor. In the night, nearby the Chende street has the stall to sell roasts the maize, the smell sharp aroma.

>>The Chende pit
The pit is one kind of the almond, because of its variety unique, pome full, acquires fame by its greatly and flat. The nutrition of Chende pit is rich, includes the massive protein, the fat, the carbohydrate, the calcium, the phosphorus, the iron and each kind of Vitamin, compared to the common almond nutritional , its value is higher. Many serves as he dry fruit or the hors d'oeuvres by is a drinking companion at the banquet. The Chende pit not only toward the domestic each place outside, but also massively sells to the Hong Kong and Macao area, is one of Chende main special products.

>>The hazel
Hazel belongs to the wild bush. The hazel tree's fruit, divides the even hazel, the wool hazel two kinds. Even hazel oblate, thick-skinned semblance smooth, the fruit kernel is fragrant; he wool hazel is the awl circular, the skin thinly has the slight cilia, the fruit kind glycol and fragrant. The hazel often took the dry fruit in the ancient times, after fried ripe and the melon seed, the peanut is used for to entertain together the guest; The modern also useful hazel fruit makes the sauce, the canned food, the cakes and pastries falls and so on food, welcome by people very much. Chende is rich in the hazel, its output accounts for the national total quantity one above the half, not only best-selling home, moreover sells in distant markets country and so on Japan.

Chende to be produces the mushroom, the quantity in a big way, many variety. Is regarded as the high-grade goods by the human including: The mouth mushroom, the hazel mushroom, the meat mushroom, the grass mushroom, mushroom, the pine mushroom, plat mushroom as well as the manual cultivation slider mushroom. The mushroom nutrition is rich, includes many protein, the fat, the carbohydrate and is advantageous to the digestion crude fiber; Also is easy to gather and the cultivation, the low-price quality merchandise, can enters the senior banquet, also is the family custom cooked food. Chende mushroom not only the best-selling home, moreover sells in distant markets Asia and Europe, receives in exchange for the foreign exchange for the country. Multitudinously the human comes Chende travels also often to buy the mushroom to carry off.

>>Chinese chestnut
Chende is rich in the Chinese chestnut, moreover are many variety, like black skin chestnut, red skin chestnut, red oil skin chestnut, Chinese rhubarb chestnut, watermelon chestnut, blue ripe chestnut, a nest peak chestnut, double kind chestnut and so on. Specially prosperous the chestnut which and kuancheng two counties produces, is the domestic famous improved seed, always is called "the Jingdong chestnut". The Jingdong Chinese chestnut assumes the sorrel, the fruit big skin is thin, yellowish pink creamy white; Eats tenderly but clear, flavor delightful, is easy to skin. The chestnut includes the massive Vitamins, the protein, the sugar, the calcium and so on the many kinds of human bodies must nutrition. The Chende Chinese chestnut sells well domestic and foreign, is deep the people high praise from all walks of life.

>>The almond
It is rich in the almond, the output occupies national first. Chende almond pellet full, the meat thick but is thin, has the division of apricot kernel and the bitter apricot kernel. The apricot kernel may take the senior cakes and pastries and the candy raw material; The bitter apricot kernel may be used as medicine. The almond after overeats the system to be possible to make the almond dew, the almond frost, the almond bean curd, the pickled vegetables, the pot is prime; The almond paste is the traditional flavor snack which the people likes. The almond contains protein 23. Includes the phosphorus, the iron, the calcium, the potassium and the many kinds of Vitamins, uses in the medical service being possible to purify the mind the Run lung. to relieve a cough, detoxifies hotly, indicated after the clinical experiment, to the impotent cough, the bowel movement dry and so on disease, the curative effect for is really obvious.

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