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Welcome to Chengde!
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The history of Chengde

It called ¡°the mud cubic, it governed by the king of Yan in west Zhou. After the Spring and Autumn Period Warring States and Qin unify China to be Yuyang county and the right Peking county jurisdiction. The Eastern Han Dynasty is the wuhuan first, latter has jurisdiction for the Xianbei Nationality. It is the Wuhuan, the Xianbei various races lives together with different nationalities when WeiJin. The Sui and Tang dynasties time mixes for the Han Nationality and each national minority occupies. It is the government office of Ze state for center Beijing and north Anju. The Jin Dynasty is Beijing Lu Xing state place.¡± After Yuan Dynasty unifies changes is on the secretariat all Lu Xing state. At the beginning of the Ming Dynasty is the national capital Peking government office, latter changes is Ningdu Si Xingzhou Wei, after again changes to the Nuoyinwei. The Qing dynasty Kanghsi 42 years (1,703) start in this to build the summer vacation mountain village (namely the Jehol temporary palace), Chende becomes the Qing government gradually Xia palace and the alternate capital.
Yong Zheng first year (1,723) establishes the Jehol hall, 11 years (1,733) change to set Chengde state. The Qianlong seven years (1,742) duplicate suppose the Jehol hall, 43 years (1,778) change to set the Chende government office. The jiaqing 15 years (1,810) set the Jehol all series bureau, it governs the institute in Chende. After the 1911 Revolution, cancels the government office system, establishes the Jehol special administrative region.
In 1928 changed sets the Jehol province, the provincial capital is located in Chende. In 1933 the Japanese forces invaded Jehol entire boundary, had jurisdiction for puppet Manchuria regime. In August 1945, the Japanese forces surrender, Jehol was Hebei Liaoning liberated area. In August, 1946, the Kuomintang army seized Chende.
In November 1948 center country People's Liberation Army took over control Chende, still for Jehol province provincial capital. In December 1955, the Jehol province abolished, Chende turned over to Hebei Province, was the municipality. In November 1958, changed governs the city to turn over to the Chende special commissioners office leader, in March 1960, Chende, the city merge, was a municipality. May 1961, the city once more established a branch. June, 1993, the city once more merged, was the municipality.

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