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Welcome to Chengde!
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The best tour time in Chengde

Chende is situated at the inner Mongolian plain and the Huabei Pingyuan intermediate belt, is the temperate zone continental monsoon mountain climate, the four seasons is distinct. Although is cold in the winter, but because all around goes around a mountain, hindered to come from the Mongolian Plateau cold current attack, therefore the temperature had to be higher than the same latitude other areas; Summer is cool, rainfall centralized, basically does not have the burning hot time, is travels the summer resort.
Tours the Chende four seasons all suitably, but considered to its seasonal exquisite natural scenery, as is best take 4-10 month.

Tourist salvage and consulting phone

Burglar alarm
Fire alarm
Infomation directory desk
Information directory desk online
Time desk
Medical emergency desk
Civil aviation info query station
Railroad info query station

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