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Welcome to Chengde!
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The general situation of Chengde

North of the lofty Great Wall area, in luxuriant swallow cluster of mountains, There is beautiful mountain city - Chende.

Chende is the municipality of Hebei Province. It is located northeast Hebei Province, at the intersection point Luan River and Wulie River. Southwest is apart from the capital Beijing 230 kilometers, is apart from the provincial capital Shijiazhuang 540 kilometers. It is situated between the north latitude 40”ć11 ' ~ 42”ć40 ', between the east longitude 115”ć55 ' ~ 119”ć15 '. North depends on the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, east borders on with Liaoning Province, west neighbor Zhangjiakou city, southwest neighbor Beijing, adjoin with Tianjin, southeast are connected with Qinhuangdao, Tangshan. The biggest departure from east to west is 280 kilometers, north and south biggest latitude 268 kilometers, total area 39,548 square kilometers.
In the history once is the Qing Dynasty prosperous time national capital alternate capital, Republic of China and the early days of liberation was Jehol province provincial capital for the original, presently governs the Twinbridge area, the double Luan area, the hawk military camp mining area, Xinglong County, Chengde county, Longhua County, Pingquan County, Luanping County, the yard Manchu nationality Mongolian national minority Autonomous County, Fengning Manchu nationality Autonomous County, the kuan city Manchu nationality Autonomous County and so on 3 areas 8 counties, the municipal government in the Twinbridge area.
Total population 3.463 million people, city population 408,000 people; The national minority population 1.324 million people, Most of Manchu nationality and the Mongolian national minority population. Is situated at north Hebei the mountainous area, is the belt of yan mountain subsidence and the inner Mongolian plain zone of transition. Northeast part is the inner Mongolian plain, northeastern part is the Qilaotu sierra, middle, south is the yan mountain sierra. Topography northwest high, southeast is low, the elevation 200 ~ 1,800 meters, divide into the Hebei Mountains and the dam the plateau two natural regions Within the boundaries the are many rivers, mainly has Luan River, the Chao River, the Liao River, the Lin 4 river systems. Average per person holds the number of water resource is 3.9 times of entire province average level. Is the warm temperate zone to the cold temperate zone transition, half moist half arid, the continental monsoon climate, the four seasons distinct, illumination sufficient, rain hot is at same season, summer is cool, the diurnal temperature difference is big. Annual mean rainfall amount 560 millimeters, annual mean temperature about 8.8 ”ę.
Chende always the laudatory name "purple fills the pearl", is listed as the first batch country historical city, the Chinese ten big sceneries scenic spots, It is forty top-notch of the tourist attraction, the national key scenery scenic spot area, is the national armor class open city. In 1994 was located Chende the summer vacation mountain village and its periphery the temple are include Scientific and Cultural Organization by the United Nations Educational.
Chende is fills the vitality and the vigor city. It was the ancient times civilization and the modern civilization day by day in close integration with city, the glorious historical culture, the superior natural condition, the good ecological environment, the strong technical strength, the broad market prospect, consummated day by day the investment environment and the rich traveling resources and so on, for the investment, the traveling have provided the good condition. Every year to greet accept the multitudinous everywhere friends to come to travel goes sightseeing, the inspection investment and the technical exchange. Let us reach agreement the new century, reaches agreement in the ”°modern, civilized, liberalized”± Chengde city.

Chende city characteristic

Chende is the beautiful place scenery which is enchanting, the scenic spot historical site gathers together, the four seasons climate all suitable traveling famous city. It is China one of first batch 24 historical cities, Chinese one of ten big sceneries scenic spots, Chinese one of 44 key sceneries scenic spots areas, one of the China tourist attraction forty top-notch, one of first batch Chinese outstanding traveling cities, national one of ten civilizations traveling scenic area demonstration place, the summer vacation mountain village and periphery the temple is included by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization the world culture inheritance name list. Chende is world famous by the summer vacation mountain village, outside eight temples, in 1982 is announced by the State Council for the country historical city. The summer vacation mountain village and outside eight temples are history culture remaining in Kangxi and Qianlong years. Chende reveals because of the status, develops for the famous scenery traveling city in north part of China . In 1994, the Chende summer vacation mountain village, outside eight temples are included the world culture inheritance. This beautiful and mysterious land, has many "the best" of world: The world biggest imperial family botanical garden, the world biggest imperial family temple group, the world biggest imperial family hunts the hunting ground, the world biggest wooden Buddha, the world shortest rivers, the world unique stone column......The Chende traveling slogan "tours Chende, emperor's choice" has been accepted by more and more people.
The known far and wide imperial botanical garden --- summer vacation mountain village, after Qing Dynasty Kang, Yong, Qian three generation of dynasties, lasted 89 years to build. The occupying a land area of 5.64 million square meters, are two times equal to Beijing Summer Palace's, eight times of North Sea park, is the world biggest classical imperial family botanical garden. Chende city is surrounded by mountain and water circles, the scenery is beautiful, the layout characteristic is the city scenery melts, the humanities landscape and the natural landscape enhance one another's beauty. Summer vacation mountain village and outside eight temples scenic spots in the north of city. Summer vacation mountain village plain elegantly simple, is the Chinese scale biggest, constructs the time to be longest, most to be rich in the wooded mountain rural feeling the classical imperial botanical garden. Outside eight temples resplendent in gold and jade green, is the essence of Chinese multi- nationalities constructs artistic.
City middle is the old city, the city characteristic has a distinctive style, both has manifests the historical style the historic building, the ancient ruins, and has forms the rich traditional features in recent years the block, has formed the unified city pattern coordinate with the summer vacation mountain village, outside eight temples organic. The south of city is the new urban district includes the development zone, a flickering new construction rises straight from the ground, presents the full of vitality.

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