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Welcome to Chengde!
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The traveling guide of Chengde

>>Chende summer vacation mountain village

From 1701 left the happy peak mouth from Qing emperor Kanghsi in to investigate in Jehol the camp, 1703 (the Kanghsi 42 years) started to dig the lake to make the dike, to 1792 continued the German hall to finishing, around altogether underwent Kang, Yong, Qian three dynasty, altogether more than 90 years. China's botanical garden art from the beginning of Spring and Autumn Period Warring States, after the two jin's Southern and Northern Dynasties' formative year, the Tang Song period of expansion, to the Ming and Qing Dynasties time, botanical garden art achieves to the top of flourishing period. Specially passes through the Tang Song time to melt in the botanical garden art rich in poetic and artistic flavor and in the Ming and Qing Dynasties time opening to the outside world, caused China ancient times landscape gardening art to develop to the Qing Dynasty had achieved the high degree of proficiency the region, was processing real mountain really water and people and the natural harmonious unification aspect achieves the artistic crest. Summer vacation mountain village not only scale big, moreover fully has all used the original natural scenery landscape characteristic and the advantage in the overall plan layout and the botanical garden architectural design, absorbs Tang, Song, Ming, the all previous dynasties landscape gardening outstanding tradition and the Chiangnan botanical garden creative experience, performs to synthesize, the enhancement, has pushed to the botanical garden art and the technical standards the unprecedented altitude, becomes the the highest model of Chinese classical botanical garden.
The summer vacation mountain village total area is 5.6 square kilometers, the area is equal to two Summer Palace's sum total, is the Chinese extant biggest imperial family botanical garden, lt has the topic 72 scenery by Kanghsi and Qianlong , and other humanities landscape altogether more than 120 group of groups. In 1994, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization world inheritance center and periphery the temple included the summer vacation mountain village the world inheritance name list.

Tour route: Lizheng entrance ¨C Neiwu entrance ¨C Yanbojingcheng room - Sizhi the reading room - smoke wave to send the crisp palace - Yunshan paradise - to pick the water chestnut to cross - pleasant continent - misty rain building - green islet - Chang Lake - Crown Prince Wen Jinge - Jehol spring - Jinshan - middle of the water pavilion - ruins ¨C Dehui entrance.

The gate opening hour: 8:00-17:30
Admission ticket: 90 Yuan
Positions: Is located in the north of the Chende central area , area the West bank of Wulie River on the long and narrow valley land, is away from the Beijing 230 kilometers.

>>The Chende Puto the Zongcheng temple

North of the Chende summer vacation mountain village, the beginning constructs in the Qianlong 32 years, It construct to celebrates Qianlong's 60 birthday, also is "outside eight temples" center scale biggest. Its style imitates Lhasa Potala Palace, the imposing manner magnificent sight, therefore is called "small Potala Palace". Goddess of mercy's Buddhist temple it is said has three: One in India, one in Tibet, one in South China Sea (Zhejiang Putuo). The Qianlong emperor believed that, the Goddess of Mercy originates in India, then to Tibet is the native place first, therefore is undertaking construction the Goddess of Mercy Buddhist temple ¡°imitate the Tibet.not to imitate South china Sea¡±.The Puto the Zongcheng temple is fuses the Tibetan national minority in the Han Nationality tradition construction foundation to construct the characteristic construction, it is the Chinese hides the model which the construction world technique blends. This temple most major characteristic is its Tibet type construction, most is the flat topping white wall. Main body construction scarlet Taiwan is a garnet square shape construction, in under the periphery white building complementing, is extremely outstanding. The Puto ancestor rides the temple have many big and ancient trees, the environment is quiet and beautiful, but also may look out into the distance the wooden club mountain in this, is outside in eight temples may not downstream.

Opening hour: 8:00-15:30
Admission ticket: 32 Yuan
Positions: Is located north the Chende summer vacation mountain village

>>Chende Lily magnolia yard

It is located yards counties which is away from the Chende more than 110 kilometers, other name fills rarely the dam country forest park, originally serves as a tool for the Qing Dynasty imperial family hunts for the area. The perimeter is half thousand kilometers, is equal with the present yard county total area. Wards off in the Qing Kanghsi 20 years (1,681). Hereafter holds the fall to hunt for regularly, lists as the Qing Dynasty "the fall to hunt and study the fighting skill, pacifies the clothing far fence" the national important magnificent ceremony. North the yard is on the average elevation more than 1,400 meters dams the prairie, south is the big piece knoll basin. This place forest multitudinous, the rivers vegetation is vertically and horizontally sumptuous, therefore there are many animal and wild animal, is the exceedingly good line encircles hunting the field. "The Lily magnolia" two characters, in the Manchu language are "the sentry post deer" meaning. The full clansman in the outside the passes, every autumn, the hunters all was going against the head of peer, cloth the peer¡¯s skin in the past the deerskin, blew the wooden sentry post by to imitate the deer cry, tempted the deer group, then hunting. Qing Dynasty emperor hunts for every year fall is called the wooden seventh lunar month. Each time the wooden seventh lunar month all must come to the yard, therefore this yard is called the Lily magnolia yard. The Lily magnolia yard historical site has twelve company camps ruins, the Ulan cloth passes the old city battlefield and so on.
The Lily magnolia yard is traveling place which natural, simple and honorable the tourist attraction. The summer season, here climate cool is midsummer pleasant, the carpet of green grass, the fresh flower resembles the brocade, the tourist is going sightseeing, rides a horse, the gathering fresh flower, the mushroom -odd, but also may experience the slippery grass the pleasure; Deep winter time, snow gleams white, around by white snow, in boundless forest deep place, also is the people skis, the hunting gold season.

Admission ticket: 70 Yuan

>>Chende dam prairie

On the beautiful dam the prairie is located within the boundaries of the Hebei Province Fengning Manchu nationality Autonomous County, is the recent natural prairie apart from the Beijing, is apart from the east long entrance 260 kilometers, the vehicles normal speed approximately 5 hour about distance. On the dam the prairie total area 350 square kilometers, are part approximately of Inner Mongolian prairie; Average elevation 1,486 meters, maximum elevation approximately 2,400 meters; Is Luan River, Chao River's place of origin. Places oneself in the grass clear cloud pale, the numerous flower spreads wildly boundless blue is wild, seemed to be the feeling of "the vault of heaven pressure falls, the cloud wants to scratch the shoulder". The tourist season average temperature is 17.4 ¡æ, is the ideal green health traveling leisure paradise.
Through the beautiful varied hills decorated corridor, the dam reason simple enchanting scenery then maps your view. After on the dam, then gives you the joy person to spend the summer feeling. The cool breeze passed over gently and swiftly, sneaks in your front piece of a Chinese-style jacket. Looks all around the wild, on the cover green grassy marshland, Is embellishing the stars wild flower. Big pieces white birch forest, thick attire beautiful white skin, between overlapping branches and leaves, mild chronic bloody vaginal discharge spot date shade. The beautiful lightning river like jade belt surrounds, static subcrust current your side. Group of cows, horses, the flock of sheep gregariousness looks for food, to herd the human sonorous singing sound and the clear long whip sound, is fusing delightful interesting to listen to the sound of bird, gave the simple prairie to increase the infinite vitality.
On the dam the prairie summer does not have the hot weather, fresh and pleasant. Early morning gets out of bed, you may tread the soft natural grass felt, listens respectfully hundred birds clear green jade singing sound; Also may go to have a look the prairie the sunrise. A turn of red glowing sun raises slowly, on green leaf crystal clear transparent dewdrop, turned the pearl immediately which glitters; Each kind of plant in an instant light green; groups of horses, cow and the flock of sheep also start on the broad prairie to wriggle, really is a piece "the day gray, is wild boundlessly, the wind blows the grass lowly sees the cattle and sheep" the prairie beautiful scenery.

Admission ticket: Rides a horse 26 Yuan/Hour

>>The Chende smoke wave sends the crisp palace

It is located the back of the summer vacation mountain village main hall lives simply respects the honest palace, is emperor's imperial palace. Constructs in the Kanghsi 49 years (1,710), it was the first scenery of "the Kanghsi 36 scenery", the construction style and the construction is consistent with the previous dynasty various palaces maintenance, surface extravagant seven, depth of a house 3. Center is equipped with the throne, is emperor accepts place of the noble concubine worship. West the order is the hall for worshipping Buddha, east two places which are emperor and imperial former ministers discusses official business. West the heated room is the Qing emperor's imperial palace. The wall back the bed is double-decked, the outer layer is the brick wall, the inner layer is the wooden fence, center has the avenue, connects the cross courtyard. The smoke wave sends the crisp palace thing to have a small cross courtyard to have the side gate and the smoke wave respectively sends the crisp palace to be interlinked. The Kanghsi topic is "the smoke wave sends crisply".
Enters the summer, here clearly does not have feeling of the intense summer heat, the night does not have sorrow of the cold. Therefore, Kanghsi, Qianlong, the jiaqing must reside in this every time to the mountain village. East the Xian feng ten years (in 1860), the England and France allied armies invaded Beijing, the Xian feng emperor take along, empresses and imperial concubines and so on western palace leave Beijing to seek asylum to Jehol, namely resided in this palace. The jiaqing and the Xian feng emperor died of illness in this.

>>Chende Wuling scenic spot

Is located the Chende prosperous county seat northeast part, circumference Beijing, Tianjin, Chengde, Tangshan, the Qin five cities, the transportation facilitates extremely convenient. The Wuling is the prominent peak of yan mountain sierra, the elevation 2,118 meters. Park total area 14,400 hectares, forest coverage fraction 76.2, Is the state-level nature protection area, the provincial level forest park.. The main landscape has the immortal tower, the pool of lotus flower, the crooked peach peak, seven wells, the Longtan waterfall, the fog spirit character stone and so on.
In the park the plant is the warm temperate zone fallen leaf foliage forest, the forest cover, many types, the resources are extremely rich. The higher plant 1,870 kinds, 10 kinds have been included the national protection plant, rare and precious wild flowers and plants 178 kinds; The Wuling always have the name of the medicine mountain, has the Chinese medicine plant 903 kinds. Because the mountain is high and the forest is dense, the animal resources are rich, have the birds and beasts 161 kinds, country grade one protected animal 2 kinds, two levels of protections animals 12 kinds; Most north limits for the rhesus monkey nature distribution.
The Wuling has the rich natural resource and the fine natural environment, east its water source enters the Pan family members reservoir, west enters the Miyun Reservoir. Scenic area for north and south air current convergence region, rainfall abundant, the climate is cool, annual average temperature 7.6 ¡æ, summer highest temperature 28 ¡æ. The Wuling take its enchanting scenery, the complete natural ecosystem as the reputation as "the Jingdong first mountain".

>>Chende Puning temple

Puning temple, also called Buddhist temple, constructed at Qianlong 20 years (in 1755), it was the first temple construct in Qianlong time, the broad scale, the system is complete. The Puning temple main body construction all take among main shrine the grand valued palace as, the first half construction is the Chinese type, latter half for Tibet type. In the temple for has thousand hands and thousand eyes goddess of mercy, for our country extant biggest woodcarving image of Buddha. Buddha tops also is going against a 1.53 meter high immeasurable long-lived Buddha. Buddha proportion symmetrical, clothes grain natural smooth, decorative carving exquisite, is now the biggest, a heaviest woodcarving image of Buddha in the world, is in China and even the world Buddhism art history the rare masterpiece. In the temple also has with is Man, the Chinese, Mongolia, hides 4 kind of languages records to construct the temple goal and the Qing politics stills the Zungar upper formation member rebellion process the tablet pavilion.

Admission ticket: 50 Yuan

>>Chende white clouds ancient hole

Also called the white clouds canyon, the Chaoyang hole, are located within the boundaries of the Chende Fengning Manchu nationality Autonomous County. In the scenic area approaches the mountain to construct the Baohua temple , the road temple blue cloud temple, the buddhist convent hides the immortal hut. Around the scenic area the peaks and ridges are steep, besides the natural entrance, again does not have the diameter to be possible together to come in and go out. In the canyon the hole mesozoic hole, the hole and hole are connected. Compared with centralized has three big caverns groups: White clouds ancient hole group, eight precious ingredients hole group, ha ha hole group. Also has strange cliff and blame stone, the mountain spring flies the waterfall, the courtyard, the human well, the well, the temple and so on.
>>Chende the best star building

The beginning constructed in the Qing Dynasty Daoguang 8 years (in 1828), original building stand the summit of the Banbi mountain, was a three hard mountain hard the tile palace, destroyed as a result of in disrepair after many years. Completes newly the best star building is located on the original address Banbi mountain, The occupying a land area of 100 Chinese acres, its construction scale leaves is bigger compared to original building, also has increased many rich cultural connotations new content. The entire group building color is gorgeous, the grand magnificent sight, takes advantage of a situation according to the mountain, scattered and organized.
The best star building mainly watching scenic spot to distribute in the square park area, the palace area, in the botanical garden afforestation area: Has Dragon Gate, center fights the palace, 72 happy place, Rong Shile the real palace, great Wen Dian, the best star main building, Chnegtian dam, the intelligent spring, goes around a mountain the plank road and so on. Great Wen palace is important constructions in the scenery group . Connect with the climbing a mountain the corridor ingenious and the tablet porch two sides . In the palace has selected and included history influential celebrity 68 and so on thinker, writer, artist and scientist in our country, chooses in its life essence, engraves by the image and the brief achievement on the tablet, above the stele carving also has imitates the padauk teak large-scale scene woodcarving picture, recorded our country ancient times "to commit suicide by hanging from a beam studies assiduously", "chisels the wall to get the light" and so on assiduously studied ii examples. In the palace also has the best star culture characteristic tablet 16.

>>Chende the ginseng peak

Is located local Chende east bank of the Wulie River. One of Chende famous mountains. The mountain has the great peak, like the peasant woman washes clothes especially when uses for to knit clothes "the wooden club", therefore calls the ginseng mountain. The mountain peak high approximately 59.42 meters, the ginseng height 38.29 meters. It is under the long-term weathering, the rock unceasing avalanche, the level lithological character is inconsistent because of the gravel about, but has formed on thick under thin stone. The ginseng peak is slim and graceful, very dials beautifully, "the hammer peak glow at sunset" the pavilion faces each other across a great distance with the summer vacation mountain village in. As early as before 1500, Northern Wei Dynasty geographer Li Daoyuan (namely today Qing mallet peak) has read in "stone" in a book of "the Water Classic Note". According to the textual research, the wooden club mountain forms had 3 million year above the history.

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