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Welcome to Chengde!
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The traffic of Chengde City

Chende's transportation condition is good, the railroad, the road network is perfect. The railroad aspect, Beijing to Chengde the traveling special train to propose the fast success, reduced by the past 5 hours for the insufficient 4 hours; In recent years successively cleared gone directly to the traveling express train from Chende to Tianjin, Chende to Shenyang, Chende to Inner Mongolia, Beijing to Chengde, the Beijing to Shijiazhuang, Chengde to Shenyang, Beijing to Tong city four railroads skeleton lines to pass through the entire boundary, has formed the convenient smooth traveling transportation network. The road aspect, 101, 111, 1,123 federal highways vertically and horizontally interweave, The highway traffic is extremely convenient, the Beijing to Chengde traveling road to cause the journey between Chengde to beijing is reduced to more than 3 hours.
The whole city road course is amount to 6,068 kilometers, has road 216. Among them, with Beijing, Tianjin, Liao, Inner Mongolia pass through smoothly. Within the boundaries of the whole city has Beijing to Chengde, Jin (state) to Chengde, Beijing to Tongliao, Chengde to Longhua 4 railroad routes, the main line delays the course 637 kilometers. Altogether has national skeleton line road 3, provincial road 15, county level road 25, special-purpose road 7, the road is open to traffic 5,772 kilometers, bituminous pavement 1,606 kilometers.
ChengPiao road and so on to constitute the host skeleton, a strip "smooth, clean, green, beautiful" the road like colored satin ribbon was connecting in all directions. The whole city villages and towns pass the road completely, pass the bus service, 2,437 administrative villages have the road to be connected. The whole city altogether has 624 passenger transportation routes, transport business course amounts to 12,550 kilometers. The date sends the bus service 1,935 school grade orders.

External traffic:

Chende train station is located the southeast of Chende, Beijing to Chengde, the Jinzhou to Chengde, Chengde to Longhua three railroads are overlap in Chengde station, Beijing - Dandong, south the Beijing - Ulanhot's express train also way this place. Goes to Chende to travel generally via Beijing, Chende and Beijing approaches, only is apart from 230 kilometers, therefore may take Beijing the stopover station: May ride K709 (early 7: 20 starts out, noon 11: 18 arrives Chende), hard place ticket price 41 Yuan, soft seat 61 Yuan. Also may from the Jinzhou, the Shenyang aspect to go: ride 2,067 (early 7: 25 starts out, evening 20: 28 arrives Chende). Will go to the Lily magnolia yard traveling in Siheyong station in the Beijing north station while the Beijing line of flux train to alight generally, again will transfer the bus to go.

Chende has the road to all around to radiate, within the boundaries has 101, 111, 112 federal highways passes, may lead to Inner Mongolia to the north, may reach Liaoning to the east, the southwest goes to Beijing, southeast then to Tianjin. Probably only needs 5 hours from Beijing to Chende. The Chende long-distance motor station already cleared to Beijing and Shijiazhuang's senior quick guest, in the tourist season, Beijing and Tianjin all had the traveling bus service to go directly to Chende, usually also had the fixed school grade order the long-distance bus round-trip.

Transportation of the city:

Taxi: Chende's rental car starting price is 5 Yuan /2 kilometer, later 1.4 Yuan/Kilometer. In addition also has one kind of three turn of motorcycles, the price is slightly lower than rental car.

Bus: Chende's transportation is extremely convenient. Local Chende's small bus, line complete, the coach number are also many, spends 1 Yuan to be possible generally get to every scenic spot (and must make up temple of the happy life to the local various scenic spots to small Potala Palace to have to walk 10-15 minute). From the summer vacation mountain village front door vector ride 6, 15 roads may to the outside eight temples.

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