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Welcome to Chengde!
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Chende city characteristic

Chende is the historical glorious culture famous city, has the richly colorful folk art, is rich in the place characteristic the traveling craft object d'art or the native products. The reputation called "China one certainly" Teng cloth sticks the picture, the Fengning paper-cut, the silk-weaving hangs the brocade, the root carving handicraft, the calligraphy and painting and so on, is well-known high-quality goods, on good presents the present.
Cultural famous city Chende, not only has the as beautiful as a painting summer vacation mountain village, here is containing the richly colorful national art, today must lead you to enter this colorful folk craft world, understands elegant demeanor of Teng cloth to stick the picture, the Fengning paper-cut, the silk-weaving together hangs the brocade, the root carving handicraft, the porcelain carving.

>>The Chende Teng cloth sticks the picture

"Teng cloth to stick the picture" has the fine reputation of "China one certainly", it is a new picture which invents by renowned folk artist Mr. Teng Teng plants. The "Teng cloth picture" inherited has carried forward the traditional Chinese painting characteristic and the Chinese tradition artistic style, the creation technique collection drawing, the sculpture, the embroidery, the table sticks, accomplishing of craft the and so on paper-cut, used fine materials, the color gorgeously, the operation exquisite, the picture lifelike, selects material widely, regardless of the character scenery, the flower-and-bird fish insect might be picturesque, and could have the chapter to have the festival, felt emotion having condition, could far be able to be near, but empty might be imaginary, the concave-convex union, the style was changeable, has effect of the oil painting perspective, but did not lose characteristic of the traditional Chinese painting. Has impression of the exquisite brush, also has the cloth to stick style of the picture. The representative works have "the Changbaishang mountain Legend", "the Kowloon Wall", "First under heaven Temple", "propitious as one rish" and so on.

>>The Chende cave the chinaware skill

Chende folk artistic circles quite influential one kind of folk craft, the main representative personage is double Luan area Mr. Liu Shijun.
The Chende cave the chinaware main needed materials are the porcelain tray, the entertainer make many kinds of designs on the porcelain tray, uses for to decorate people's living at home, the porcelain tray chooses the material extremely elegantly, the surface many primarily elects by the blue color or the white, the color should bright, be even, the quality of material should exquisitely not have the impurity. The design performance uses the color light and shade contrast the technique, like carves white on the blue color porcelain tray the blue colored glaze, through profound, the scotch displays the actual situation, far and near, the shade, the technique similar sketch or is enjoyable; Also like carves on the white porcelain tray the grain color, displays the line, the outline, the technique is similar from traces or the equisetum arvense. The majority carving Chinaware expression means take the primary color primarily, color as auxiliary, but displays in any event, carving Chinaware art all needs to have the rich experience, in the strength assurance, the cutting tool rubs the system, in the carving angle all should exquisite be skillful, exactly to duration and degree of cooking, otherwise a knife loses accuracy but "the total failure". Carving Chinaware the prospect mainly has the character portrait, various calligraphy, the scenery, the animal flower-and-bird and so on. Take an successful carving Chinaware on the desk, elegant is light, charm other.

>>Chende Fengning paper-cut

Chende folk paper-cut history glorious, style exquisite unique, selects material extremely widely, composition changeable, the imagination is rich, ingeniously utilizes artistic technique and so on the implication, symbol, exaggeration, distortion, has filled the strong local breath.
The Chende paper-cut except inherits the tradition flower-and-bird in the content, outside the basket of flowers vase, also has created take the summer vacation mountain village, outside eight temples as the content scenic spot historical site paper-cut, reflects the Chende ten nature landscapes the local conditions and social customs paper-cut and take the Chinese well-known classical novel like "Hong Lou Meng", "Western Chamber" and so on as the subject series paper-cut. Chende cuts enjoys a good reputation in domestic and foreign, some paper-cut high-quality goods collecte by country, provincial level museum. Paper-cut artist's Shi Junfeng once is invited to country and the area and so on the US, Germany, Canada, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Norway makes the live demonstration paper-cut art many times, received the various countries' people's high praise.

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